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               Pearlware Jug


      A pearlware jug commemorating


                 a marriage in1810






Stock number: A1132


Price :  £270

                 Coalport Plate



       A fine Coalport plate with a


             floral scene painted


      by Stephen Lawrence c1840


           Stock Number:   F1046


                        Price: £150

                    Pencil Drawing


        A well executed pencil drawing

             of a young woman c1825



          Stock Number: I1046


                          Price: £195

            Argyll Gravy Jug


    A rare Spode pattern Argyll gravy jug


     printed with Tower pattern c1820


                 (cracked and Riveted)




             Stock Number:J5104


                            Price: £265


Portrait Miniature

A fine 19th Century keepsake miniature

of a young woman






             Stock Number: G945


                             Price: £360

         Bilston Enamel Patch Boxes


              Three Early 19th Century

           Bilston enamel patch boxes:


Top : A present from Marazion,

            St Michael’s mount


Bottom Left: Present from Bridlington


Bottom right: Present from Warrington



Stock Numbers & Prices

                  Top: Ca2591          £120

   Bottom left:L426              £150

  Bottom right: M426            £130 



                Amethyst Glass


  An Amethyst glass jug and bowl, bowl


     engraved with ‘Respect the giver’



               Stock Number:Ab11129


                              Price: £95

        Ridgway’s Dessert Dish


      A Ridgway’s dessert Dish in buff


       coloured earthenware painted


       with a Pied Flycatcher c1810






               Stock Number: I1556


                                Price: 145



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